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  1. 3 paranormal sites in Russia that even locals are afraid of
  2. 3 paranormal sites in Russia that even locals are afraid of - Russia Beyond
  3. Strange Tales on Kindle

You would think that such a high number of disappearances would have left angry loved ones behind looking for answers, and led to some sort of public outcry, but instead, the issue is not widely known. This is, perhaps, because getting accurate statistics is incredibly difficult, meaning that it is impossible to know exactly how many children have vanished. What exactly is being covered up here, besides awesome X-Files episode material?

In the s in France, a man named Tarrare stalked the streets eating literally anything in his path. He could also wrap the skin of his stomach around his entire body. After being kicked out of his house for being terrifying, he traveled as part of a freak show, consuming anything put in front of him.

10 Missing People Finally Discovered in Strange Places

During his stay a month-old baby mysteriously disappeared from the infirmary, and it's believed he ate it. A monster-of-the-week X-Files episode based on a man who literally steals infants and eats them would be truly insane. Second revival, anyone? The message was delivered in Morse code and partially indecipherable. According to those who received the transcript, it said.


3 paranormal sites in Russia that even locals are afraid of

Lying in chartroom and bridge. It's not for the faint of heart: It takes iron guts to keep your cool when there's a half-mile of thin air between you and terra firma. The official figure is metres — 2, feet. But according to researchers who recently conducted bathymetric soundings, there are trenches that reach even farther down — by 30 metres, or maybe more. Each winter the length of highway in the Northwest Territories doubles, as a network of ice roads are built atop frozen lakes, rivers and even the Arctic Ocean.

Most of the routes are underlain by ice four feet thick — strong enough to hold up a jumbo jet. But every so often the highway gives way, threatening to send unlucky vehicles to their watery doom. Like a bizarre lunar stalagmite, the largest tufa mound in Canada rises near the shores of the Rabbitkettle River in Nahanni National Park. Thirty metres tall and 10, years old, the mound is formed by thermal springs that burble from the volcanic ground, leaching calcium carbonate that hardens into a crust of tufa.

Take off your shoes and follow park officials on a barefoot hike to the delicate summit. The name's no joke.

3 paranormal sites in Russia that even locals are afraid of - Russia Beyond

Plunging 6, feet into the Earth's crust, the bottom of Yellowknife's defunct Con Mine is one of the deepest man-made points on Earth. Despite Arctic conditions up at the surface, miners at the base had to contend with sweltering heat. A plush pasture, luxuriant with delicate alpine wildflowers, it is ringed by the impossibly steep Cirque of the Unclimbables — an amphitheatre of sheer peaks that beckon the best rock-climbers in the world. Now you see it Last summer, residents of Fort McPherson were warned of the impending "catastrophic drainage" of this 1. The most popular attraction in Tuktoyaktuk is this great green mound, swelling high above the Arctic coast.

Scientists dismiss these stories because personal experiences are often contaminated with something called "cognitive bias. The need for scientific proof of this phenomena diminishes with the frequency of occurrences, and especially if it happens in your home. If you see it happen, doubt gets replaced with wonderment.

To make any sense of this, we must turn away from the logical and toward the metaphysical. The dimes pictured below have miraculously appeared to us over the past ten years.

Strange Tales on Kindle

The outer heart shaped group of dimes were discovered by my wife or me and the those inside were discovered by our younger daughter. These dimes started appearing shortly after the untimely death of my father-in-law. Shortly before his death, my wife began to fear that her dad would not be with us much longer and one day she tearfully admonished him saying, "Dee, don't you dare die but if you do, give me a sign that you are with me, but please don't scare me.

Sarah’s Fiction on Kindle

Since his passing, dimes have mysteriously appeared in our home, not just once or twice, but literally dozens of times. Either the Lundgren family is selectively negligent with the way we handle dimes, or dimes are appearing from thin air. We are convinced of the latter. In some cases, we discover dimes in unusual places which could certainly be explained, except their appearance always foretells an event that has a significant monetary or life changing component.

These appearances have accompanied everything from radio station ad sales to insurance settlements and even loan closings. Basically dimes start appearing when something positive occurs about money and wealth. At some point, it ceased to be a coincidence. On the first of these occasions in , my wife was carrying groceries into the kitchen and noticed a dime on floor. She stepped over it and began storing the perishables. A few moments later, a second dime literally fell out of nowhere, only inches from the first dime. These dimes were far away from appliances, tables, chairs and light fixtures.

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When my wife turned at the sound of the second dime falling, she noticed Swede E. Bear, our female toy poodle frozen in place, staring at the coins, as if she could see something invisible to our human eyes. We also have reason to believe these "dimes from somewhere" can signify positive changes in relationships.